Monday, November 14, 2011

In My Inbox - November edition

I realized that I have not been including galleys in my "In My Mailbox" pictures...shame on me!! I got several approvals in the last couple of weeks that I am excited about. I need that Kindle Fire NOW!!!
The Whole Story of Half a girl by by Veera Hiranandani - This is about a girl, half Indian and half Jewish American who has to adjust to being taken out of private school and changing to a public school, because her father has lost his job. She has to discover who she really is, and what group she "belongs" with in school. And then her father goes missing, and she realizes that she may never have really known who her father really is. Sounds pretty interesting!
The Gathering Storm (Katerina trilogy book 1) by Robin Bridges - a young Russian royal debutante discovers she is able to raise the dead. Is it a curse or a gift? She gets caught up in a world of "intrigue"when she uses her ability to protect a member of the Imperial family.
Red Heart Tattoo by Lurlene McDaniel - A bomb goes off at a high school leaving many dead or severely wounded. Those not affected physically must deal with the emotional devastation left behind. Doesn't exactly sound like a happy read, but it might be good for a nice, cleansing cry!
The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark - pretty cover alert! I'm not sure that this is a YA book when I read the blurb about be honest, I requested it based on the cover, lol! It apparently is about a woman who, nice dreams, ahem, about a man who visits her in the night. Only she realizes they are not dreams, but an incubus visiting her, who will eventually take all the life out of her. She discovers there are many other mythical creatures around the town.
The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls by Julie Schumacher - This is about a group of 11th grade AP English girls who are forced into forming a book club for various reasons by their mothers. Sounds funny...
So, that's what I got in my inbox. Have you gotten any good e-books lately?


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