Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here I go again!

I decided to start a "spinoff" blog from my other one,, to keep that one ONLY for tracking the Newbery award winning books I've read. I like to post reviews about the other books I read, and it never felt right to put them on that blog.

What kinds of books can you expect to be reviewed here? Well, it could be anything! I am in college with the intention of becoming a librarian, specifically one for children and young adult services (hence my domain name - the once and future librarian). So, I do tend to gravitate to reading material that fits under these categories. I have really fallen in love with young adult literature lately. Seriously, that is where all the good plots are nowadays!! (ever heard of megahits Twilight and The Hunger Games?) It has come a LONG way from when I was in high school.

I really like finding titles with a psychology or dystopian theme. These just really capture my attention. But, I also like books about motherhood, medical issues, some biographies, some historical, etc. Just whatever sounds good at the moment. You won't find me reading much romance or mysteries however. They just really don't interest me.

So...let the reading begin!! I am reading a good one right now - hope to post about it soon!