Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dusty Jacket #1 - Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

Dusty Jacket is a meme idea I saw another blog (and darn it, if I can't find it now, but when I do, I will give credit where it is due). Basically, it is a challenge to actually READ those books that have been sitting on our shelves gathering dust. I know that I, for one, get caught up in reading library books, or reading newer books, and there are just some on my shelf that have been there for a long time. I will try to start tackling these books, hopefully one a week - maybe every other week...

So, my first book for this challenge is Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes Between a Mother and Daughter by Alice Kuipers. This was a very quick read (read in about 30 minutes), but it packed an emotional punch. The book was entirely made up of short notes posted on the refrigerator between Claire and her mother. Claire is an active 15 year old girl, busy with normal teen activities, and her mom is an obstetrician who spends a lot of time at work. These notes are the main way they communicate as they don't see each other very often.

I was frustrated and saddened how little time they got to spend together, and how much Claire had to do for herself. When her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, it is even more frustrating, because we know that they need each other more than ever.
This was a very unique book, and it was very effective at addressing the mother/daughter relationship and presents an unusual way of glimpsing into their every day lives. Kuipers did a good job of expressing emotions into even the shortest notes. I enjoyed this book, and would definitely recommend it.


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