Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From the Library - first week of November

I've been trying to control myself with the library requests here lately, because I still have quite the pile building up (and let's not even talk about the ones I own. ahem.) I just don't have nearly as much time to read as I would like...been trying to convince the hubby to let me quit my job so I can stay home and read all day. He didn't seem to enthusiastic about it. Something about "mortgage this....electricity blah blah", you know - those pesky things that prevent you from buying MORE books. But, I digress...back to this week's library trip...

The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood - I got a copy of the second book in this series for review, so I have to read the first one before I can review the second!

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles - spur of the moment choice...saw it on the shelf, and heard so many great things about it. Might provide a nice change from all the paranormal/dystopians I have...

Perfect by Ellen Hopkins - I am SUPER excited about this one! I've been on the hold list for this since this summer, way before it was even released - in fact, I was the #1 spot! Yay for being the very first to read a library book! I have devoured every single book by Hopkins, and rated every single one a 5 out of 5.

Infinity: the Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon - another spur of the moment...eyed it at the bookstore a few times. Don't know if I'll get around to reading it, but it looks like a quick read, so we'll see.
So, that's what the library had for me this week! What are your recent library finds?


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