Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Spring Break Reading!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week I am listing the ten books I HOPE to get read during my spring break this week! Most likely, this is a pipe dream, but we'll see how much of a dent in the list I can make! Some of these are books that I have waiting to be reviewed for Netgalley, some are checked out from the library, and some have been sitting on my own shelves for awhile.

1. Hooked (from the library) - and I actually just finished it - so I can check this one off my list - YAY ME! It was SOOOOOOO good too!

2. A Tinfoil Sky (Netgalley) - already started it
3.Stolen Away (Netgalley)
4. The Way We Fall (Fallen World, #1) (Netgalley)
5. Drowning Instinct (Netgalley)
6. All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1)(library)
7. Love and Leftovers (library)
8.Glimpse (library)
9. Beneath a Meth Moon (library)
10. Forbidden (mine)

So, those are my lofty spring break reading goals. What are yours?


Rachel :) said...

Cool books - I haven't heard about any of these before, thanks for sharing! Love & Leftovers is quite intriguing...
My Top Ten Tuesday post is here. =]

K R Weinert said...

Oh wow! these look great. I'm going to have to add some more books to my TBR - the real one :-)

Liza (Reading with ABC) said...

I am reading your number six right now and I really like it so far. I have a lot of NetGalley books too!

Liza’s Top Ten

Beth said...

Hooked looks interesting. I'm going to look up the synop.

Anonymous said...

Some of these look like sweet reads! <3 Great list, hope you'll get to read a LOT during spring break! (Mine, unfortunately, has just ended..sigh...)

Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

Anonymous said...

Love and Leftovers looks cute; I love the cover! :) I hope you get to read all these titles soon.

Tabitha said...

Great list! Love and Leftovers looks amazing, but I haven't gotten the chance to read it.
My Top Ten

Kimberly said...

Wow - the cover interested me so I checked out the description for 'Drowning Instinct' on Amazon and it sounds so good! Great list - I got a copy of 'The Way We Fall' for my Kindle, and I can't wait to start reading it.

Thanks for the follow - you have a great blog, and I'll be following back :)

Emily said...

awesome list, I really want to read Forbidden! New follower by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hello! New follower. Belle

Elin said...

Love your list:) Now I follow you too;) Hooked looks good. Want to read that sometime. Never heard about it before:)

Addie R. said...

I've been meaning to read Hooked for a long time now! That's great that you liked it!

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

You have some pretty good books over there! Hooked, stolen away, the way we fall, drowning instincts and forbidden are my favorites. Happy reading!

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