Friday, January 20, 2012

Follow Friday (#3)

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read and is an opportunity for book bloggers to connect with each other. Today's featured bloggers are Pretty in Fiction and Butterfly-o-Meter.

Question: What is the craziest thing you've ever done to get your hands on a book?

Hmmmm, I'm afraid my answer won't be terribly exciting. I do not like crowds, so I am not one to stand in lines on release nights, or anything. I think the craziest book shopping thing I've done is to go to this local book fair event at this huge private school. It's an annual event, and this is a very well-known and much anticipated event. I decided to go last year by myself. It was so packed that they had to offer a shuttle service from the parking areas to the school. This sale covered 3 stories of the building. By the time I was done, I had 3 huge overflowing bags of books that I had to carry to the "bus stop", load onto this bus, and walk to my car. But, it was pretty awesome!

What's the craziest things YOU'VE done for a book? If you are a new follower, please leave me a link and I will be happy to follow you back!


Ashley said...

First, can I just tell you how much I love this layout? Your blog looks so cute.

Second, your story is much crazier than any of mine! I've gone to a couple of midnight releases at a local bookstore. I'd love to rummage through three floors of books, though! :)

Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter said...

Awesome book loot story! It can get crazy in sales, that's true. It's way more exciting then anything I did :D

Thanks for stopping by, following you back.
Have a great weekend!

Fran said...

Yeah I am not crazy at all, like you:p

Great post and OMG I love your header, it's gorgeous!!!!!!

New follower:D


Totally Booked Solid said...

just stopping by .. does not surprise me that you hauled away 3 bags full

Lea said...

Hi there, new follower stopping on by! I am a college librarian myself, and I also work as a sub at all the city library branches in my city, so I am getting lots of experience in different kinds of settings, which I like :)

I'd love if you stopped by to visit me, you can see my FF answer for this week at the link below ;)

Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

Amanda said...

Ohhh that sounds so fun!!! I've never gotten to go to anything like that. I'm hoping to go to one in April...fingers crossed that works out.

Thanks for stopping by LIO!

TheReadingPenguin said...

Hi there, just stopping by to follow you back! Love your blog name! Happy Friday! Reading to Penguins

joder said...

Yep, I've gone to quite a few of these kinds of events and I LOVE them. I'm glad you found so many great books. Thanks for becoming a follower of my site. I'm now following you back.

The Scarf Princess

ShawnaLeAnn said...

That is exciting! Getting bags full of books is ALWAYS exciting! I would have passed out or something lol. Thanks for stopping by and following. I am following you back. [:

Dreaming In The Pages Enter My Giveaway

Kristin Aragon said...

I love lots-o-books! LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I returned your follow!

My Follow Friday


margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

I would love to go to something like that, just so I can buy bags of books :)
Thanks for following, following you back!
~ margie

Amie@Mom Reads My Books! said...

I need to find something like that around here! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kristen said...

Not a fan of crowds either ! New follower, here's mine!

Oh! Paper Pages said...

Following back! Looking forward to your reviews!

Racquel (A Book Barbie) said...

3 floors?! oh wow!! I want to go!! that seems like a book lover's dream!

My TGIF & FF((:
-thank you&come again.

Roxy said...

Ooh! That's a lot of books! You must've been super happy! I would have! :)
Happy friday! My FF

Unabridged Bookshelf said...

That sounds like an awesome sale to attend! Thanks for stopping by, following back!

Kristin Feliz said...

OMG! That actually sounds AWESOME! I love getting deals on books! They're worth the extra effort :D

Thanks for the follow!!

Kristin from

Celine said...

Your answer is AWESOME!!! I love book sales too! Thank you for stopping by my blog! A new follower too here! :) Happy Friday!

Celine @ Forget-me-not

Nicki J Markus said...

Thanks for the follow, following back via RSS!
Happy Reading!

Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog said...

I would LOVE to do something like that!
Thanks for stopping by!
Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

That sounds awesome! I wish there was an event like that around here. I would go broke for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog! Old Follower!

Eileen said...

Hi! Thanks for following me, I'm following you back! I'm jealous! I want to be able to go to a book fair and buy all the books I want. The book fair at my town doesn't have any of the genres I like because it's a book fair for middle schoolers and elementary schoolers. I don't think you'll be finding any paranormal romance books there... ;)

Morganville94 said...

Oh I would love to go to those fair! I would only brave the crowd for books, haha!

Thanks for following my blog, I'm following back!

Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

I don't care for crowds or long lines either. But usually when it comes to a book I really want I can manage.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I follow you now too!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Sarahbotbonkers said...

Thanks for stopping by! And that's a really nice shopping story. :)

Sarah @ Smitten over Books

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you got three bags of books! Not so awesome that you had to carry them on public transportation. :(

Thanks for stopping by!!

Megan @ Between the Lines

Kah Cherub said...

Three bags of books! *-* So dreamy. :))
thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following back.

Ning said...

Wow that's pretty cool. You're so lucky. i wish there was something like that near where I live.
Thanks for stopping by. Following back!

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Michael @ The Bookshelf Review said...

Your answer is so awesome. I feel like I would go nuts at that sale especially with three stories of books. =] Followed you back and Thanks for visiting my FF. =]
My Follow Friday

Patricia said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd like to follow you, too, but can't, if you don't have a Networked Blogs widget in your sidebar. ;( Will you add it anytime soon? If so, let me know!


Kat said...

I would love to do something like that! Definitely sounds like a lot of fun, even if you were alone. :) Thanks for stopping by my FF, I'm following you back!

Ashley R said...

That book event sounds heavenly! I'm going to ALA Annual in Anaheim this year and have been told to expect several trips of lugging books haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow, very happy to return both!

Ashley Loves Books

PS. I love your layout, it's so cute!

Chapter by Chapter said...

Book sale events like that are awesome! We have a similar one here that supports the Children's Hospital. That one is usually packed too! Thanks for stopping by :)

Chapter by Chapter

Fireflywishes said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing event! Three floors of books, that's a booklover's heaven right there! :D

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm following you via my RSS feed reader :)

April @ My Shelf Confessions

Jesse said...

Oh man I'm so jealous! I wish my town had something like that!

Thanks for following Pretty in Fiction! New follower!

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