Thursday, September 22, 2011

In My "Mailbox", or rather, Inbox - 3rd week of September

My mailbox has been sad lately as it hasn't been seeing many books :( But, my friend, Tristen, introduced me to a website,, where you can request advanced e-books for free from publishers. Now, I am not a big fan of reading on my computer - it gives me a headache. But, how can I say no to a free book? Exactly. I can't. Now, it will NEVER, EVER replace a real book in my hands - but, hey, desperate times call for desperate measures...Anyway, here are some of the galleys I've been approved for this week.

This sounded really interesting to me. I'm about 75 pages into it, and it is proving to be a fast, interesting read. Will review it when I'm done.

This sounded interesting to me too...and it was available immediately! Gotta love instant gratification!

I had seen a lot of bloggers mention this book, and it sounded interesting, so I have to check it out!

I have Raised by Wolves on hand from the library, and I've heard it's really good, so I am excited to read this book by the same author.

I also received SEVERAL galleys for my 10 year old daughter to read on her kindle at school. We're having a bit of an issue getting them to appear on her kindle, so we'll see how it works out.


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