Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stocking the Shelves #2 - clearance jackpot!!

I decided to check my favorite local bookstore for clearance specials since it had been awhile. They have a whole section devoted to YA markdowns, so I can get some pretty good books for great prices. I am so glad I went today - I hit a goldmine!!

1.) Falling Under by Gwen Hayes (with my membership, I paid $2.70!)
2.) The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (2.70)
3.) It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han (2.70)
4.) We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han (2.70)
5.) The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson (ok, this one wasn't on clearance, but I'd been listening to the audio book, and haven't been able to listen to it in the car, so I decided to buy it so I can finally finish it! Plus, I've been wanting to put it in my middle school library circulation!)
6.) When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle (2.70)
7.) City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (I've been slowly building my collection - 2.70)
8.) Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff (2.70)

Such awesome deals, don't you think?! :) Thanks Books-a-Million for having a great clearance section!!

Next are my library of my goals lately is to read my way through the Sequoyah Master Lists (the Sequoyah Award is an award given by the state of Oklahoma for children's books. There are 3 categories: children's, intermediate, and high school) The nominees for the next year are posted in February - they just posted 2014 nominees - and the award is actually given every March.) I've been trying to read all the nominees in each category...there are 15 nominees per category! So, most of my library books are Sequoyah nominees...

1.) The Danger Box by Blue Balliet (2013 intermediate nominee)
2.) Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne Supplee (2013 high school nominee)
3.) Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading by Tommy Greenwald (2014 intermediate nominee)
4.) Payback Time by Carl Deuker (2013 high school nominee)
5.) Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender (not a Sequoyah, but wanted to read as it is very popular among our middle school students)

Well, my shelves are starting to overflow! If only I could add more hours to the day!

What books did you get this week? Have you read any of these, and if so, what did you think?


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