Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where has the Once and Future Librarian been?

Wow! Yes, it has been about SIX months since my last post! *crawling under my blanket in shame* A lot has been going on here. My college classes have been WHIPPING my butt. I have about 2 more semesters after this one and I will have my B.S. degree, so I am really buckling down. Plus, I am still on track to graduate suma cum laude, so I am really trying to keep it that way. Also, I got a new job! And guess where I'm working? IN A SCHOOL LIBRARY!!! Actually 2 school libraries! I am the library/media assistant for both the local middle school and junior high! The Once and Future Librarian is on her way to being a Current Librarian! :) I am absolutely LOVING my much so, that I believe I have changed my career path from becoming a public librarian to school media! For realz! :) I really love working with the kids and building those ongoing relationships with them. I love when they come to me and ask for a good book, and then come back and tell me all about it. I love when they stop by in between classes just to say hi! I love book fairs and book orders and prezis and hey, I'm even developing a relationship with the laminator...:)

Between classes, my new job, and my 3 kids getting involved in color guard, opera (my oldest now sings with a professional opera company!), basketball, and is pretty darn hectic. I am still keeping pace with my reading though - just not doing so hot on the reviewing. I am going to try to do better on that. Hope to be back on track soon!


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